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TAG CLOUD:: kanodia notes download, free gate subject wise previous gate preparation kanodia material download, gate cs books download free. GATE MATERIAL CSE - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. GATE CSE MATERIAL BY KANODIA. GATE-CS-Final - Uploaded. The books and class notes were very effective for the preparation of GATE Exam. in Civil Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India ().

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Gate 2014 Cse Books Pdf

pdf. What are textbooks to follow for GATE CSE Preparation. 9 Pages Jan 13, · View Upvotes Related Questions More Answers Below Which book do. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company. GATE Examination Solved Question Papers (Previous Years) GATE Papers with Answer Keys free Menu. Home · Gate Books Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science and Information Technology pdf-download- icon · · pdf-download-icon. · pdf-download-icon · · pdf-download -icon.

Multiple Choice Questions will contain 4 options, of which only one is correct. Recall: These are based on facts, principles, formulae or laws of the discipline. Analysis and Synthesis: These can be linked questions, where the answer to the first question of the pair is required in order to answer its successor. Or these can be common data questions, in which two questions share the same data but can be solved independently of one another. Common Data Questions: Multiple questions may be linked to a common data problem, passage and the like. Two or three questions can be formed from the given common data problem. Answer of the previous question is not required to solve the next question. Each question under this group will carry two marks. Linked answer questions: These questions are of problem solving type. A problem statement is followed by two questions based on the problem statement. The two questions are designed such that the solution to the second question depends upon the answer to the first one. In other words, the first answer is an intermediate step in working out the second answer. Each question in such linked answer questions will carry two marks.

Each question under this group will carry two marks. Linked answer questions: These questions are of problem solving type. A problem statement is followed by two questions based on the problem statement. The two questions are designed such that the solution to the second question depends upon the answer to the first one.

In other words, the first answer is an intermediate step in working out the second answer. Each question in such linked answer questions will carry two marks. The GATE exam is not very easy to crack and requires a smart study plan, focus and grit to score well.

Practical and in-depth knowledge of concepts and theories is very essential to fetch high marks. The GATE examination has multiple choice and numerical type of questions, hence it requires lot of practice to score high marks.

It also enhances our speed and accuracy in solving questions which is a crucial factor in the main exam.

I also followed Youtube lectures and Combat videos which gave an edge to my preparation. I am also thankful for their solution videos for gate questions as I calculated my gate marks on the same day of my exam due to their videos. Overall I want to say that the team has worked very hard to produce a rank for me. The test series was superb. I have learnt many things from it. The study material provided by them were sufficient.

I learnt a lot from test series. Their Facebook group is available in which I had solved many questions. Clear and easy solution of problems gave me an idea about the concept. It was very helpful to prepare subject from basics. Had a great experience in learning subjects like Control System, Network Theory, Analog Electronics by Dhande sir as he provides deep knowledge of the subjects.

It was helpful to do overall analysis of my performance regarding preparation. Umesh sir and Sakshi mam encouraged me a lot as well as the content provided by them is the best. I started preparing for gate since 3rd year but at that time I didnt know much about gateoverflow site I started using it from may and that was the turning point of my preparation.


I think the previous year questions are sufficient for practice and one should do them atleast twice.. Tests do help us to rank ourselves as we can test our concepts and work upon our real areas.. So be confident and practice as much as you can.. At this rank I knew that being from general category there is no chance for any old iit.. I got interview call from iitb ra but couldnt convert it.. A very big thanks to Gate Overflow for it..

Thanks and all the very best to all f Full Link anjali First of all thank you everyone here in Gate Overflow Community for making this place a knowledge heaven.


I learned lot of new things , cleared lot of doubts regarding various topics here. Quality of education is miserable there. But i managed to get a job in Service Based MNC through off campus placement and they didn't gave me joining during whole year.


I wasted about an year just for a joining. I learned some Web Development and mostly wasted my time. But after an year i started to realize i can't live like this. Then one of my friend advised me to take GATE coaching GO community is my only source for doubt clearing and learning new concepts and finally i was able to secure AIR and also cleared ISRO exam with 24 rank but Got rejected in interview.

Thats all ,this is my story in short. Again I wish to thank all GO community and my family for such support because without them i couldn't have done this.

I have given gate twice once during final year rank and now in with full-time repeat by self-preparation. How Gateoverflow helped me:- Best possible solution to each and every previous year questions. It has not only helped me in building my concept but also the answers written by people like Arjun Sir, Sachin Mittal, Debashish Deka motivated me to have to the good grasp over the concept and in-depth knowledge regarding the topic like them.

Thank you Bikram Sir for providing these tests.

Best possible answers to my doubt by Feeling depressed when use to score lesser marks in test series but actually marks in test series are not the right way to judge your preparation. While giving the GATE exam couldn't able to maintain the cool and panicked because of thinking about the results.

Gate Previous Year Solved Papers

Full Link akb Hello everyone : So after a long time, writing comments, answers and asking the question, finally a day came to write a testimonial. Firstly, i would like to thank my family for having belief and faith on me. If i start to descirbe a role of gateoverflow in this testimonial, i will end up in taking lot and lot of time, therefore i will just summarize it. Arjun sir is my idol and i owe my success to him. Now here Finally, all the best to all the aspirants of GATE, Use gateoverflow as much as possible if you are really aiming for top ranks , have a faith and belief in yourself and that's all that is needed : Thank you!

So, a huge thanks to the creators and contributors of this forum. Furthermore, I implore the GATE toppers to add their own few cents if GO has benefited you, for remember the time when you read such posts and they motivated you.

I'd also like to add a few points as an advice for the times when the going gets tough for the aspirants : 1. When I started my preparation, I had already quit my job and traveled for two straight months.

It was only after that, Analyze what works for you. GATE is easy because competition is not much unlike other exams. Last but so not the least - Keep yourself hydrated. Never overwork yourself. Jog everyday. Breathe fresh air. Love computer science. That made the difference between the topper's marks and mine. Thanks to the entire GO community. About myself: I did my B. I decided to give one more try and started my preparation in the month of July A bit late because I was busy enjoying the last few days of college life.

But, Before starting my actual preparation I took some time to analyze myself, to know where I lagged in previous attempt. I made a lists of all the subject, topic etc. Same can be applied to Online test.

Wish me Luck in my future endeavors. Edit : Ignore grammatical mistakes, if any. Though the rank is not very very much attractive But it is quite good.

I joined GO in mid-October, I guess after that it boosted my confidence drastically. The confidence of tackling questions, a habit of continuously exploring new terms helped me a lot while solving a question paper. But as I mentioned in the title I was very very crazy during my college days from 1st year itself, took part in almost every anchoring, interviews, Street-Plays, magazines team head and many more college events.

Then the question arises How should I prepare if I'm not stable enough. Solve as many as question papers in the last month. Do everything in the college don't miss those days too. But while studying you should be focused and consistent.

Thank you so much, GO family. But 5 months back when I joined GO even this was not possible I was not much of a contributor but more of a follower but now I think I should have participated in those healthy discussions. I devoted first 3 years of my college life to competitive coding, web and Android development but being from a teir3 college these things were not enough to fetch a job with a decent package I am looking forward to write a lengthy post in near future to help future aspirant.

I am a final year student and I got AIR Marks Quite disappointed because of the stupid blunders I committed worth 15 marks but it is what it is and I can't do anything but accept the fact.

But hope it helps whosoever reads it to realize the importance of solving questions carefully. I want to thank Arjun sir, all the veterans of GO and the whole GO community who is always willing to help and guide one through one's way. The quality discussions with sources to reliable content helped to level up my thinking and shaped the perspective as how to approach a problem.

Actually to a famous person who once said that "nothing worthwhile comes free", I I am very grateful to whole GO community and whosoever has ever contributed even in a very small proportion. Thanks a Trillion. Wish you a lot of success. Marks: I am a final year student in a tier-3 college. It was my first attempt. Even being in a central university, we have zero placements. But I think that is why I got this rank. There was no other option, but to study and prepare for a competitive exam which offers a decent chance to excel in the professional sphere.

Whatever I am writing here is a part of my own viewpoint.

GATE CSE Last 28 year question papers with answers

Many might disagree with me. I would, rather, like to suggest you do not follow me blindly but rather analyse yourself and do what suits you best.

I always followed And Thanks to all other active users of GO. It was a great experience preparing with you people : All the best to future aspirants. You can message me anytime, I will be glad to help : Thank You!

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