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    Ensure success. CONCLUSION: DON'T WIN — BRAND. Table of Contents. HOW TO WIN AWARDS IN MODEL UNITED NATIONS. BESTDELEGATE. download How to Win Awards in Model United Nations for $! Note: “How to Win Awards” is an e-book in PDF format. After you complete your download, you will. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. Save. How to Win Awards in Model United Nations - Sample.

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    How To Win Awards In Model United Nations Pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. This guide is designed to help you achieve two objectives: • Win an award in a Model UN setting. • Further enjoy the experience of an MUN Conference. I've won the “Best Delegate” and “Best Position Paper” awards at the same time in HSMUN, the most prestigious high-school MUN conference in Indonesia.

    This year, the team represented the United Kingdom. Students set aside nearly three months to conduct research about a range of global crisis for their papers. Chico State Model United Nations has attended the annual conference and taking home awards for the past 10 years. Their consistent success put them in the top 5 percent of out of nearly participating universities and colleges on an international level. It made the students understand what is going on in the United States, with the recent election. If we want to understand how the world works, we have to understand how other people see the same situation.

    These words are more than just nicknames for awards given at MUN conferences. Awards are given to delegates who distinguish themselves at a conference. You win awards by making a difference in your committee. And making a difference means looking at things differently. Every Delegate Should Learn. But award-winning delegates go beyond the fundamentals.

    Each chapter in this guide is about turning a fundamental skill into an award-winning skill: We are professional MUNers. Chapter 1: Each one has over a decade of Model UN experience. We were gavel-winning delegates, Secretaries- Chapter 2: Chapter 3: And we want to share that knowledge with you. Chapter 4: Ready to make a difference?

    Chapter 1. Research is not enough. You know how it feels to be prepared for something. Winning awards than a few times since your first Model UN conference. If you are confident in your research, your serves and when to use it. Confidence is contagious and preparation makes you feel Preparation is about developing a strategy — setting goals confident going into a conference.

    At the end of this chapter, you will be able to: You want to brainstorm possible solutions and think critically about your topics. Framing is an essential Model UN skill. This helps you identify the key ideas that everyone else will work toward later on. Start with easy-to-find sources to understand the current Know the names of important players, events, and situation. The background guide is your starting point — use it to gain an overview Every committee has its own language and names are its vocabulary.

    Delegates often throw out these names during speeches and unmoderated caucus. Search Wikipedia for relevant pages. You can also use online news aggregators such Google online. Also, note that major players can include both governments and News, Yahoo! News Full Coverage, and even Twitter. Find reports to gain a deeper understanding of your topic Look at past resolutions, treaties, and agreements.

    You need to know what previous agreements exist on the topics. You can model what you write after Try to find papers and reports written by the UN, think tanks, and NGOs older documents. Read the abstract instead of the entire academic paper if the writing is Break your topics down into smaller issues. Think categorically: An issue represents a different perspective on the topic — the smaller problems that make up a larger problem.

    This is framing, and having a framework makes it easier for you to understand the topic and describe it in your speeches and resolutions. Bloc arbitrage means assigning the right ideas, tasks, and resources to the right people. And starting the draft resolution sooner than later yields numerous first-to-market advantages: Be first to imperfection. Start using the three currencies. The question that remains in the end is what one thing whose purpose is spreading the culture of cooperation build on their MUN experience 5, 10 or 30 conferences later.

    The perspective we and learning globally. This is also a way to participate in a collective effort of imagining set for ourselves and how a conference is shaped largely influence and constructing the collective meaning of MUNs. In any case, a great learning and social experience is guaranteed.

    Some of them have tailored their texts specifically for this — a community where the members talk about publication, while the others have taken part in online discussions at various occasions. There are hundreds of questions, articles how MUNs are done and how they resonate with and discussion threads that cover the aspects of MUNing - conceptual, organisational, social, research-oriented or geared toward shedding light on the links between Model UN and early stages of career building.

    This testifies to the vibrancy of the MUNPlanet the wider global affairs. Our members answered community and the fact that its members see the importance of leaving a legacy of their Model UN conferences to the next generation more than 4, questions, provided more than while simultaneously learning about the experiences of others, which on the other hand helps them improve their own performance. Model UN experiences and international security to sustainability and career development.

    MUNPlanet helps MUN delegates and conference organisers exchange information and knowledge that complements the process of advancing the culture of MUNing globally - going beyond the traditional centres of MUN tradition and spreading the story about why MUNs are probably the best hobby for globally-minded students and those who want to develop their leadership potential.

    Pre-Conference 3. Conference phase 4. He has B. He has been to interest in cross-border taxation and international more. As a world for her involvement with educational initiatives in more.

    He loves being a delegate, but has also United Nations Society in which he served as irm believer in the idea of MUN, he is always involved more than ive countries.

    He is currently serving as a in different projects that are somehow related to Representative with the World Federation of the United serving as Secretary-General. He this ield, thus trying to share his experience, know- Nations Associations WFUNA , as well as part-time a novel, The Heresy Trials, which will soon be has maintained an active interest in the international how and passion for this phenomenon with younger contributor for The National Memo and the Political completed and published.

    Other than that, he works at Transparency Student. In September, Rory will pursue her Msc in several conferences throughout Europe. International Slovenia. Human Rights at the London School of Economics. He is an Advocate of the simulations for four years now. He is also working as an several MUN conferences and debate training pro- MUN conferences and other simulations from has just concluded her experience at the 28th Cairo intern staff member and research assistant at the grammes in and Assertive, versatile and around 15 conferences worldwide.

    To contact him, please write an e-mail to dio. They then participate in Model UN and various multilateral bodies and institutions operate. In the past which introduces students to the conferences, where they give speeches, negotiate with other states, draft ten years, the Model UN method of simulation has spread to other world of diplomacy, negotiation, and pass resolutions, and ultimately attempt to resolve world problems multilateral, historical, fictional and futuristic simulations from the and decision making.

    Through this process, students gain understanding of the needs and goals of the country that they represent and how their country European Union councils to historical cabinets and, most recently, interacts within the international community on the given topic.

    However, this publication takes a different approach, offering second half of the past century, and then to other parts of the world at the beginning of the you a living, breathing document written by MUN delegates and authors who explain 21st century. Today, MUNs are organised at various levels — from school-level conferences and analyse the crucial aspects of MUN activity from the perspective of beginners.

    In this in small towns, to big international conferences that take place in official UN buildings. They In this collection of global voices and relevant insights, the authors outline and discuss make friends and establish networks of valuable contacts. The principles it instils, those of analysis, who wish to place themselves in the shoes of diplomats, politicians, government oficials or journalists to debate and productivity, are vital.

    It teaches you how to work within a deadline, how to manage a group discuss current issues and offer new solutions to political, economic or social problems. Despite its name, of people with different objectives. It teaches you to compromise. All these things create a concept Model UN encompasses the world of international politics: It has become an output device for individuals relations cabinets, historic events, the world of the press, etc.

    Every year, more than , universities and striving for more. It allows people to grow and develop. Ultimately, MUN is a learning tool, one that has high schools come together in conferences across the globe to share their passion for international affairs, the been widely distributed, moulded and changed.

    Globalising the Practice From the first simulation of the League of Nations at Harvard , to the first simulations of the work of the United Nations , the Model UN has been the focus of hundreds of thousands There is a growing number of students all over the world. In the early stages of its development, mostly reserved for a small of students who discover the world number of Western countries, the Model UN has started to gradually spread both horizontally to other countries and vertically to different levels of the education system.

    Europe has been a host to some of the most prominent MUN conferences in the world, and has been developing its MUN scene for several decades now since From the beginning of the 21st century, MUNs have spread not only throughout Europe and become more connected both horizontally and vertically , but have also become popular in Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

    It can be said that Model UN went global. How is Model UN Useful? Model UN profoundly changes you as an individual. It was an opportunity to combine an interest in international affairs Ian Hurd All of these elements make our with the interesting challenge of trying to adopt the positions of a national tomas ocampo, Inland Empire Conference, Model UN community special.

    Model United Nations is an activity performed by hundreds of thousands In general, success is defined as of students every year, in almost every country in the world. In a nutshell, MUNs are an educational tool that helps students learn and practice their knowledge about the United Nations and world politics. In any case, MUNs are a way to become successful, just think of fun and learning, 54 Conferences Later: Being highly resonate with whatever else you may be conferences, or the fact that you will be more and Key MUN Lessons a high-school or university student, one can doing as a student or later in life - as confirmed by confident speaking in public, doing research, definitely see the benefits of doing Model UN - many alumni success stories, in which attending or writing.

    One can argue that after just communication, while developing skills that are several conferences Model UN delegates transferable to your future professional career - develop significant skills and social that is a great achievement in the long term. Success develops at different levels, depending on your participatory role. If they make progress, even if it's just a little, in giving a speech, Articles: As a delegate, success should be a belief that you have developed implementing a new idea, understanding the complexities of the Five Model UN Organizers on Good Practices your skills during the conference.

    That the committee has allowed you topic, or simply just getting involved, then I'd say it was pretty and Future of Model United Nations to grow, even if in just some small way. In many ways, I would see successful. Ultimately, how well they meet those needs and provide attendance as the greatest success.

    What are the benefits of attending a Model UN? You can sit there for the Inland Empire Conference, Model UN whole conference and not speak, and yet you will still be learning, subconsciously if not actively. On the other hand, more experienced MUNers may find inspiration to drive their conference participation followed over , topics, and engaged in a whole range further and work on the small details, while benefiting from the interaction within the biggest MUN online community.

    It is, in other words, rocket science. The same logic in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. What good does it do for you? Usually an extracurricular activity, some even though they have been tackled many times, and one that pioneering quest, still suffers schools also offer MUN as a class.

    Students and from lack of recognition. For a limited period of my question: They can also learn, meet their peers from all over the world, and push themselves out of their comfort zone. What does it mean? This may sound like with them. No matter what else you gain, meeting people from world of MUN because of its positive effects on an individual. MUNs are one of the best you as a person.

    As someone who has attended around 20 learning processes I have ever witnessed. This learning comes you any significant favours most of the time, but what you gain conferences and has been teaching MUN-ing to colleagues, I in different forms.

    This is working environment, and assess any situation in just a moment. All this eventually contributes to boosting your leadership skills.

    There is, however, one thing that will stand out from the rest. This is a virtue that is applicable in every aspect of life and which every MUN alumni cherishes. Getting involved in projects or supporting law students, but also students pursuing medical, agricultural, energy causes of a social nature is one dimension of it, developing a whole Questions: MUNs should be seen and culture of solidarity and basing our future decisions in our jobs on that How to become an MUNer?

    Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow. He called upon the involvement of new types have believed this sort of conference is only available to those who practice of practitioners and professionals to contribute in the policy-making process. I would raise an objection to that and Greater involvement of experts in the decision-making process is a key to successful promotion would rather claim that Model UN conferences go beyond this field of study.

    This is manifested by the growing number of international conferences that MUNs taught me character building, conflict resolution and leadership, and deal with technical issues, such as global warming, arms control, population and development, crime prevention or drug abuse.

    True, it is the duty of diplomats to engage in diplomatic conduct, no matter what your background is, you can be a Model UN delegate. I am an engineer, or a lawyer, or a medical student. The importance of the chamber of experts, widely known This type of question is mostly raised by non-IRs or non-Political Science majors.

    I am an IR as the Committee of Experts, is that it ensures that policies which are negotiated can actually student, and practicing all the theories and knowledge that I have received at school is the be applied globally. However, although atmosphere of the conference is indeed ours, the technical issues are yours. In MUN, you will learn how to turn what you are good at into policies which you will then defend. MUN will give you great experience in fighting for your principles by promoting and defending your interests.

    The more you participate in MUN conferences, the more sharpened your soft skills will become. Now, imagine an expert who knows how to engage in diplomatic conduct. Yes, that could be you. The world would be a much better place if experts were skilled in this particular field and if they were placed by governments to directly represent countries in international conferences, even though the Committee of Experts should also be kept to ensure sustainability of non-political matters. By joining MUN conferences, you will understand how the technical issues meet politics.

    The conference was also backgrounds - especially international lawyers - to also take part in MUN conferences. The reason known as the UN Climate Change Conference, and was aimed at reaching an is, simply, because politics is the process of reaching legal outcomes.

    It will not only issues and negotiate proposals based on the interests of each of the state teach you how to understand the legal grounds and interpret each of the clauses, but also to parties. However, not many people know possible to understand from the political side of legal science. These experts are nominated by the respective never escape the influence of power politics.

    This aspect is frequently neglected by legal scholars. Experts but I would say that this is a common mistake. For students of international law it is especially are needed to ensure that the negotiated policies are concretely implemented important to actively engage in MUN in order to understand the nature of power in the making of worldwide.

    Imagine if diplomats were also experts in a given thematic field. MUNs will help us understand how international laws are politically biased towards Policies would certainly be more concrete and less politicised. First, if you are a medical student, you might want to know why Several years ago, when the outbreak of Ebola was at its highest during the Ebola outbreak not all countries in the world imposed point, many MUN conferences tried to simulate the World Health travel restrictions to isolate the African countries, even though this Assembly WHA committee by debating this topic, and finding would have been the most efficient way to contain the outbreak.

    You will not find the answers to such questions in medicine and According to medical research, the only feasible and logical solution health science books — you can find them by participating in MUN, to end the outbreak of a disease is to isolate the infected patients bringing with you your expert knowledge of the technical topic.

    The and provide them with special treatment. This is not to say that being a delegate in an MUN should always be Global Health Politics, which allows us to see this case from a very different point of view. By combining the two, we will understand that the outbreak of Ebola is not Today, MUN conferences are organised throughout the world. Finding a conference that matches your educational only a matter of medical, but also political importance.

    Have you ever thought how massive the background requires patience and enthusiasm and, of course, time! For instance, if you are a legal scholar and you from the medical perspective. Isolating countries would also mean imposing a travel ban on wish to try something new in an MUN that is still closely related to your field of study, the Legal Committee of the UN their citizens, causing their behaviour to spiral out of control.

    If resources for proper treatment General Assembly would probably suit you the most, as the mandate of this committee is to legislate international of patients were very limited, finding a way to get out of the country would justify all means. Not law, and you will get to practice how to negotiate and enact legal documents within an international arena. If you are only the patients, healthy citizens would also look for ways to escape an isolated country to save a medical student, you might want to try to get involved in the chamber of the WHA committee of the World Health themselves.

    And the result? If you are an environmentalist or a Sustainable Development student, try to debate world issues would gradually spread. Joining domestic and particularly by getting involved in MUN. The world of MUNs is also a way to build a new society. This is not only on a domestic scale, but also on a global scale But not to be limited to personal self-advancement, MUN activity MUN is an example of vertical society because it is a sort of because we get to build friendships worldwide.

    This life-changing also has a strong relation with the society. The interconnectivity of our world today your MUN activity. It is due to the process of globalisation that we are interconnected with people from other parts of the world and are becoming global citizens.

    The overall experience that you will bring back home from any of the conferences are not provided to them exclusively — they are for everyone.

    Being involved in MUN conferences would undoubtedly benefit your home society, as MUNs affect people and their conferences will provide you with a unique and memorable experience, but will also contribute to environment in both direct and indirect ways. It will not only benefit you exclusively but also your society. Happy MUN-ing! This does not necessarily mean that when you come back home after the conferences you will be a public figure that will advance the grassroots in your home society.

    I mean, yes, you could. But most of the time the impact of your involvement in a domestic or international scale of MUN activity would be shared mouth-to-mouth and your story could inspire others.

    The changes that you bring from the conferences will be reflected in the improvement of your soft skills e. These kinds of improvements would turn into public attention, deserving to be emulated. Perhaps the changes that they see in you will influence them to take steps to get involved in MUN activity and impact the society too!

    It is a way to become an active, more activity. That was the moment when a turn globally aware is more important than ever. Furthermore, speaking. You can also leverage your MUN exchanges, but most importantly by sharing. I believe that Key Questions: Your voice is being heard, your ideas are going global! It is your chance to dream, travel the world, Today, I have so many friends.

    From Columbia, China and nareman darwish, Egypt gain lifetime experiences and get out of your comfort zone! However, rules of procedure are fundamental and raising a relevant point of procedure may prove tactically very helpful Articles: MUNs force you to engage in quite intensive debates with your fellow delegates and to be during a debate.

    This preparation enables you to get acquainted with both the legal and political Key questions: First, you need to identify the position and alliances of the The second is more personal but no less important. Another shoulder you can lean on is your co-delegate.

    You can practice mock-debate with them, but what I think is crucial is to get compassionate Once you've applied and have been chosen to workload required for successful preparation. If chairs who will explain what is going on in the debate every now and then, and who will not get easily participate in an MUN, there will be a few months you're enthusiastic about writing, you can arrange discouraged by questions or mistakes made by the delegates.

    Many beginners I talked to got blocked and long preparation period. During this period, your so that everyone does their own preparation, with remained passive during the debate simply in fear of being mocked or making a mistake.

    Once you create a organising team or your Chair will be giving you small the condition that you need to agree on the key "learning-friendly" atmosphere in the committee, it becomes easier for them to open up. Try engaging more tasks to perform. This is all usually done via a string points.

    Otherwise they can get bored and refrain from serious debate. Not that hard. MUNPlanet link amount of research and resulting in a position paper. As the conference draws near, you should keep Masha Preger, Serbia reading up on the current developments in the field MUNPlanet link of your topic. If you get stuck with your position paper, you can always turn to your Chair for advice. If you're late with your assignments, your Chair will be there to remind you of your tasks and see if something has gone wrong.

    This was no easy choice. You are about to be immersed in a whole new world. Please, get on this magic carpet and prepare to be amazed. You will work harder than ever on this Project, but the results will be quite satisfying. High School level!

    But you must know what the focus of High School Models is if you want to be on value, moral and ethical values, social ambiance and lessons the same page. Unlike the College Models, the High Schools; model focus is more general public-friendly.

    This means that MUNs, being an educational tool, will always have a special focus, and in the case of the high in College most participants are already interested in some school model, it is to introduce you to being a leader.

    How to Win Awards in Model United Nations

    Yep, the best delegates at these conferences way in international relations; in high school level models you receive awards because of their leadership. The ambience standard which takes into account foreign policy, but are based on the ability of a delegate to achieve focuses on debate rather than international policy and long consensus. So, what you can expect from your first high school level MUN is to be introduced boring discussions over wording. As you are now reading this is not a guarantee to being the best delegate.

    High school-level conferences similarly work as a preface or MUN. Well, I will now offer you a new goal: Participating in them, you will learn to deliver speeches, argue, research information and make connections. United Nations. What does it do? Case in point: I once attended a simulation where a bloc of nations represented in the Council of Understanding what you are simulating is crucial to success.

    One would be awfully surprised to Europe attempted to force through a resolution regulating the fiscal policies of its member states. All things likely that his answer would allude to the General Assembly. This considered, it has performed admirably in the face of a habitually disunited front and geopolitical is unsurprising as the General Assembly is the main organ of the realities.

    The organisation is routinely criticised in the media for being bloated and ineffectual. Coming to terms with the sheer was not created in order to bring us to complexity of it all is by no means an easy feat; however, even being vaguely familiar with the overall hierarchy goes a heaven, but in order to save us from hell.

    This can work in your favour. Its name has actually become somewhat fraction of the workings of their particular committee. Some go as far as break best delegates. On many occasions I have seen delegates resorting blindly to rhetoric, hyperbole or gesticulating speeches to try to or the Game of Thrones. The fact of the matter is that delegates are not representing an eye on the bigger picture.

    Filibustering and torpedo tactics for the by representatives of national governments. In fact, many conferences individual interests, but are merely acting as the mouthpiece of their sake of authenticity will not make you a popular delegate and will likely most notably Harvard WorldMUN eschew delegate awards in favour national governments.

    Invariably, national interests collide and disputes ruin the fun for everybody else. Yes, you should properly represent of diplomacy awards. What does one do in such situations?

    Politicians are towards the attainment of the common good, which in this context often criticised for achieving watered down versions of their policy goals means passing a resolution acceptable to as many states as possible. Compromise is thus a necessary evil, and one which delegates would do well to acquaint themselves with. An MUN club or society is where you can learn more about and what to expect from them MUN and its rules of procedure, practice debating skills and MUN clubs offer training sessions for national or international Joining an MUN club or society is a very important step if you prepare for conferences.

    MUNs, and these sessions usually include: Not relations. Your performance during the sessions: They can vary from once a week to once every two weeks, or As you can see, there is a great variety of skills and activities As mentioned, they are found at many universities under once a month. The you pay attention and the more you work during the sessions, university, try this: You should also not just on what you have shown during the conference.

    The number of sessions can vary significantly; some clubs will or international MUN conference; this will be your chance to have only a handful of sessions 4 — 6 , while others will have put all the skills you learned to practice.

    Check Facebook pages or websites of universities as many as But don't worry; MUN clubs always interrupt in your region, as they will usually post information their activities during the midterms and the period of the finals, of the student activities they organise. How to be confident on your first MUN The difference between a university and school MUN Depending on your personal preferences and your level Some clubs or societies interview potential delegates club or society is simply the level of proficiency.

    If it is in MUN, you should choose the MUN club or society to decide whether they should be allowed to join, Are you infected by the MUN a university club, it will likely be more difficult and more that is right for you. If you are a beginner MUNer and while some simply request that you fill out an virus? Symptoms and cure? You should have some Key questions: On the other hand, if you are world news. But sometimes, student activity for a challenge, then try to find a club that will provide to tell why you chose that one in particular.

    The communities or clubs can host MUN training sessions those things for you. It won't be difficult to find out what interview shouldn't be very long or difficult, but like outside the scope of a certain school, so keep an eye type of MUN club is the one you are applying for; MUN with any interview, it is important that you make a open for those as well.

    Otherwise, your MUN career will be finished before you have Understanding your role as a delegate even started the journey. You cannot start an MUN research unless you know your country or committee. Nor can you do your research without knowing its purpose. Being a university student is all about preparing for doing outcome. When it comes to research, you will in the end reap what you have sown.

    The greater your proper research and gaining knowledge that is useful for solving practical or knowledge, the better will be your chances to become a power-delegate. But there is more than theoretical problems. Most For basic information on current events, start from news sources.

    Use a major Internet search implies a lot of searching, sources are available online from newspapers to blogs to engine Google, Yahoo, etc.

    How to Win Awards in Model United Nations - Sample Pages

    For primary sources such as speeches, reading, and writing - both traditional academic journals , but you can still visit your university reports, resolutions, use the official United Nations and governmental websites. Then, you can online and offline. With library and look for referred journals and academic articles, or try searching various tanks but pay attention to their objectivity for specialised thematic areas.

    For additional reference, use academic publications, books and articles. Please avoid web you should determine how to use them to fit your MUN needs.

    Also, check if an organisation or a newspaper publishing the Marko Kovacevic, Serbia information is potentially biased regarding a certain issue. If you MUNPlanet link cannot find a relevant official source of information, then always try using reliable books, articles or news sources first.

    Consequently, delegates often overlook the RoP in favour of other aspects of Model UN training, reasoning that they can pick them up during the conference. It is my duty to inform you that this is a woefully incorrect attitude to take.

    Considerable time is wasted on reprimanding delegates for the flow of debate. Grabbing the bull by the horns from an early stage - such as guiding the debate incorrect use of the RoP, particularly where points and motions are concerned. On the flip side, to one topic or another - is a strategic way to assert your authority and encourage more timid delegates refrain from overzealous behaviour such as directly challenging committee directors for delegates to gravitate towards you.

    The benefits of this simply cannot be overstated. I had once participated in a committee whose first topic heavily favoured larger developed nations at the expense of less developed ones. The second topic was much more equitable in this respect Delegates with a Machiavellian flair can also use the RoP to gain a tactical advantage at a crucial and would have ensured the active participation of all delegates. Unfortunately for the delegates point.

    If it were not so, then I had once read an interesting piece of work regarding the qualities it is likely that not much would be accomplished as in between expected of best delegates within the context of leadership. Without their thumbs! A talented orator may be persuasive and inspire approached the topic and communicated his philosophy. Rather, I would maintain that public speaking proiciency is a true leader is one that empowers his team to perform.

    Therefore, equal time ought to leader ought to avoid micro-managing the members of his bloc be dedicated to social skills such as friendliness, greetings, by taking principal control of all aspects of resolution building. A politeness, courtesy and leadership. Achieving this is no simple task: Position Papers Why are position papers important? First impressions count, and they have the potential The position paper is another underrated element of the Model UN experience.

    It is the first port of call for i directors interacting with delegates; and ii delegates between themselves. A thought-provoking to lay the foundations of your relationship with third and carefully constructed position paper goes a long way to winning the favour of your directors.

    Unfortunately, given the time constraints of a Model UN, first impressions do not take place in If one is eyeing a prize, then position papers cannot be underestimated. Directors interact directly with delegates only sparingly, especially if the size of the committee ranges from medium to large.

    Incidentally, this point was stressed upon by the directors of a committee that I recently participated in. During a feedback session, the directors praised those delegates whose opening speeches, alliances and personal initiatives were at harmony with the policy goals outlined in their position papers. Invariably it was these delegates who garnered an overall better performance.

    Designations initial networking may be possible for committees with thirty vary from one conference and another. Differences may Every position paper should kick off with the following basic information: Seeking out alliances is time- conference where such committees differ in size and scope.

    Committee name e. WHO Country represented consuming, and as the old adage goes: Clearly discretion and flexibility in this regard. Topic delineating your country's policy goals makes it much easier for your fellow colleagues to identify you as a potential ally, That being said, when training delegates I have often stressed See the example below: This symmetry of information is a powerful tool the importance of a coherent and logical structure to position in the hands of a delegate and ensures a considerably more papers: For the purposes of this guide, I will share my own thoughts on what I consider from experience to be the best practices regarding position paper drafting.

    Interational Monetary Fund Country: Section one: Section two: Obviously this needs to be adapted to the topic background of the topic. This operative word here is brief: This can prove tricky in certain would already hopefully! Thus, delegates must show some ingenuity when developing their and will be in no mood to beat around the bush.

    Take for example this extract from my position paper when representing the Central African Republic at the International Monetary Fund: The government has been involved in protracted struggles against various rebel groups, effectively impeding the implementation of any coherent or potential resolution.

    Now is the time to explore some of these issues long term macroeconomic policy. Central African Republic faces an uphill struggle for a number of structural reasons. These difficulties have been acknowledged by successive governments and have led to a strategic partnership with the IMF and the World Bank.

    The government planned to use the funds to increase human and institutional capacity in order for it to proceed with plans to bring about a comprehensive tax policy and the implementation of an adequate system of public financial management. The resultant fiscal space derived from increased efficiency would be utilised to alleviate poverty, invest in infrastructural projects and maintain a sustainable level of debt.

    Notwithstanding this, the IMF noted that the Central African Republic was under moderate risk of debt distress, and thus any new debt issued by third parties ought to be on a concessional basis.

    It is here to act as a voice of the region in its efforts to achieve economic stability that you ought to categorically list and debt sustainability. During this Conference, the Delegation of the constantly referred back to throughout Articles: Directors will take MUN Research: Calling for caution and prudence on behalf of sub-Saharan governments issuing sovereign debt at competitive rates.

    Words In terms of design, I encourage into concrete resolution clauses. Every MUNer Should Know delegates to make use of numbered 2 Advocating the provision of technical assistance to aid administrations lists, as they conveniently divide up in implementing fiscal reform without sacrificing tax sovereignty. The MUN resolution No. Take for example this extract 3. Calling for a dual approach to address the growing concern of Four Surefire Facts from my position paper when access to credit both large scale and micro-financing in sub- representing the Central African Saharan territories: Politicians, right?

    Maybe TED Speakers and teachers, or professors, if you give it a bit more thought; or maybe you think of business people giving a presentation to a board of directors.

    Well, what about when you think of yourself? Do you see yourself as a public speaker? Were you ever one? How come? Well, public speaking requires three main components, or elements: This is due to the difference in the nature the set of three main elements of practicing public speaking, boil down to the same thing; the last element of public speaking of the message, as well as the audience.

    We any public speaker - to be effective in their performance. Fear of rejection and mockery cause a big barrier and explore how each of them shapes the overall performance of any public speaker should have in mind when preparing a strategy.

    Within the framework and overcome it. This, of course, comes with practice. Another how to prepare for being a public speaker in each of the different of public speaking you will find that there are many strategies cause of reluctance is the fact that people believe that they are settings that MUN has to offer.

    Merriam Webster. Merriam Webster, n. Orators have an incredible power that many people seem to take lightly… and also for granted.

    Granted, some orators are better than others, but the weigh of factors that affect the quality of a speech outweigh the question of mere talent by a landslide. What is it that draws us to great public speakers? Their mind will never immediately go to the fact that a minute speech took many gruelling hours to compose and prepare.

    We only see the pretty picture, and not the blood, sweat and tears put into creating the picture-perfect result we see as the final result. You can spend much time in preparation and still not get the end result you want, simply because you misdirected your efforts.

    The audience will determine everything It is very important to answer these questions. This is not meant to scare you even more as a potential speaker, but to make it three elements without clear that being a public speaker is an honour which you should not take lightly. Well, one way to put it is this: When it comes to public speaking, once you which public speaking understand what it means to respect your audience, it should come as no surprise that there Why is this important? Instead, your attitude in preparing your speech will change dramatically.

    Respecting your audience entails many things. First, know who your audience is. Are they and preparation of your family? Are they friends from work? What about their age range? Are they mostly women or men…? It is what you are there for. As mentioned above, the audience determines everything about go to waste because they are never written down or said out loud, or are said inadequately. This is important. This is where you add your personal touch to your performance by utilising different styles of public speaking.

    Your passion is what you display to the audience in order to get them engaged, but if you show little or no knowledge of what you're talking about, it will manifest as lack of credibility and the audience will ignore you completely. It's not enough to say you believe in your message; you also need to show that your conviction is well-grounded and that its roots are not imaginary. | Allan M Mukuki -

    So the idea is they think about the topic and how they believe the debate is proceeding to make your speech sound natural and flow smoothly, rather than present in general. They address specifics quite rarely in formal debate, as they described the end-result. Now, we move on a rigid collection of bullet points which is what you will have in your notes.

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