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Petals on the Wind is a romantic, fiction and mystery novel which plots the three siblings they are hiding from each other for some specific reason. Andrews PDF is fiction, romantic and mystery novel which describes the story of three siblings, they love each other but can’t. Petals on the Wind (Dollanger Saga). Home · Petals on the Wind (Dollanger Saga) the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. Download Petals on the Wind - V.C. Andrews Full Books (PDF, ePub, Mobi) Click HERE or Visit.

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Petals On The Wind Epub

Petals on the Wind V. C. Andrews ebook. Page: Format: pdf. ISBN: Publisher: Pocket Books. For Carrie, Chris and Cathy. On the heels of the successful Lifetime TV version of Flowers in the Attic comes the TV movie tie-in edition of Petals On the Wind, the second book in the. Petals on the Wind book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. They were such brave children to withstand such suffering. Su.

Download Petals on the Wind by V. Andrews PDF novel free. Petals on the Wind is a romantic, fiction and mystery novel which plots the three siblings they are hiding from each other for some specific reason. Petals on the Wind by V. Andrews is the author of this exciting novel. No matter how far you are from your loved ones, your heart keeps thinking of them no matter what happened. You can set the terminologies and force them not to meet each other but when they do they never have any differences. The same is happening in the case of Christopher and his sister Cathy. They never along for three years and they are living in the Foxworth Hall. Both of them love each other but due to family reason, they are failed to do this. But now they are happy, their grandmother took the control of the family and this brings the happiness in the life of kids as well.

Upload Date: Upload Date:. Petals on the Wind Dollanganger 2 - V. Saga Pb : site co uk: V. Andrews: Books Immediately download the. Attic, 2, The Grandmother's House, Book "[Dollanganger 02] - Petals on the Wind" V. Andrews ready for read and download! For Carrie, Chris. Andrews - Secrets of the Morning Cutler Series 2. Help us to make General-Ebooks better! Download pdf book by Donada Peters - Free eBooks.. If you are one of those — download book Petals on the Wind Dollanganger, and money 2 by Dorothy Parker.

Her sharp. Feb 12, Michelle rated it it was ok.

Cathy is so terrible and manages to drag down this entire book. Almost the entire Flowers in the Attic awesomeness. Does anybody else remember her being this awful? Cathy, Chris, and Carrie do indeed escape the attic, and somehow get taken in by a kind doctor in SC and his housekeeper. Cathy, after years of studying ballet by herself, manages to get accepted by a ballet school, then a ballet company. She's so talented and I guess we're supposed to cheer for her.

Whatever, this is fine. They spend the entire book vying for her love, which she gives and takes as it suits her. Then she runs off with her ballet partner, the abusive asshole Julian. God, Cathy, make bad decisions much? It gets worse!

Seeking revenge against her mother, Cathy begins a relationship with Bart Winslow, her mother's husband, even following him to Virginia. While this would chase off most men, Bart instead rapes her and they begin their courtship. During all of this stalking, by the way, Cathy's sister Carrie kills herself, and I partly blame Cathy for not paying enough attention to the sister she's supposed to be taking care of.

I'm pretty disgusted, but I'll give you the terrible ending. Cathy gets a dress designed so she can look just like her mother, crashes the family Christmas party where she announces to everybody what happened to her and her siblings super awkward.

A fire breaks out, killing Bart and Cathy's evil grandmother who Cathy managed to torture a few weeks before, as the grandmother is now an invalid , and sending Cathy's mother to the mental institution. Cathy ends up having Bart's child, marries Paul, who has by now suffered from several heart attacks, and then dies soon after.

And finally, Cathy ends up with Chris. See how horrible Cathy is? Now I have to read the next book to see if she gets any better. Chris I absolutely loved he was strong when he needed to be but weak when it came to Cathy he loved her like no other man could, even though she was his sister I found reading this was a bit hard to read, there was no denying he loved Cathy to the bitter end but he hated what she was doing.

All the characters in this masterpiece were well written loved every one, now for the ending it was one continuous non stop thriller I couldn't stop reading was well done. The amount of Men in Cathy's life was unbelievable she certainly in my opinion like her Mother Corrine in one way but not all, if you haven't read this series yet the do you will be taken on a journey you won't forget. View all 10 comments. Jul 26, Tia rated it did not like it Shelves: This book is the worst I've ever read - although I never read the Twilight or 50 Shades books.

Still I highly recommend you read this. It's that terrible. I found myself hysterically laughing while explaining the plot to my husband. So there's that. It's definitely entertaining.. So bad it's good.

Like Showgirls! I recently re-read FitA, which is one of my favorite books of all time. So I read this again too, for the first time sinc This book is the worst I've ever read - although I never read the Twilight or 50 Shades books.

So I read this again too, for the first time since I was I remember thinking it was stupid even then, but OMG. Part of why FitA works is you sympathize with the characters. This one is all about Cathy, and she has changed. She went from an innocent girl to a nasty ho. So she's constantly dwelling on her mom, but you don't care anymore as a reader. Also, the book is one ridiculously improbable moment after another from beginning to end!

As for the incest.. It was almost understandable in FitA, but in this book it was over-the-top. And everyone behaved so dramatically.. It was almost a satire. Like VC Andrews wrote this to poke fun at herself. I wish I never read this.

petals on the wind epub

I really loved Cathy when she was a child, and I was glad when she escaped. Poor Carrie. Her older sister, like a mother to her, wasn't any better for her than her birth mother had been. It just shows the grandmother was right! Cathy was destined to follow in Corrine's footsteps. Andrews original books pre-ghostwriter could do tragic like no one else. Even after taking the children out of the attic, she still retained that distinctive and haunting tone that worked in the original.

While Flowers in the Attic is the better novel, Petals on the Wind is definitely a worthy follow-up. Cathy is again the lead, bent on revenge and not letting the past go. The author doesn't shy away from the intensity of her weird romance angles either, not including just a strange incestuous bonding with a brother, but also now including much older father-figure mentor who took her and siblings in when they had nowhere else to go.

As weird as this sounds, I was rooting for Paul later; he was a fascinating character. Petals perhaps focuses too much on relationship angst and woes, not just in one man or two, but four. Things soured for me with her Julian phase - the guy was such a controlling and abusive tool. She never sees it, either. I'm thinking VC Andrews lets that lie in there and occur without character growth because she is showing Cathy as the damaged being she is, led into vulnerable relationships that aren't always positive.

How she didn't see abuse is questionable, yet combining the unstable relationship in the mystical world of ballet was a surreal treat. I'll hold back the identity of the final guy, someone she actually loved with an intensity that defied years, since it's a small surprise twist that occurs later and ties all in the books in together.

The ending with that one irritated me, though, would have been nice if it worked out differently. Sometimes it seems VC Andrews throws some things in there just for tragedy effect, but I can see the plotting twist purpose - showing another side of the villain and the lengths she'll go to reveal evils and keep her prettier face on, but also to have Cathy go to her ultimate better half for good.

Chris is still awesome, but still strange too. There comes another blow for the Dollanganger dolls, done to the point where it's almost melodramatic and too much, a little silly in its tragedy, just didn't work for me with what happens to one of them. In a way it's a poetic tragic ending, but it's also far-fetched. We get to see the returning villains from Flowers, like the grandmother and the mother, but I won't spoil their condition or what happens. Let's just say there's a clever enough showdown, although it wasn't fully satisfying on all levels.

It's interesting to read Garden of Shadows for the grandmother's viewpoint and to understand more where she's coming from, as much as in Flowers in the Attic as it is for this sequel. By the time these relationships ended, it was downright tiring.

Too much in one book. Still, they were intriguing on their own, the book has this unusual, haunting feel surrounding it, and it's unique enough that it grabs attention.

Pacing may be slower due to too many relationship shifts, but so much happens in this book that I didn't feel cheated when the last page was read.

Even with flaws, it's hard to put down. These are fun drama wrecks I can't look away from. View all 9 comments. Jul 16, Cicely rated it did not like it. Mothers do not let your daughters read this book! I remember being so enthralled by it as a teen, that I just had to give it a read as an adult. What do young girls learn from this book? Well, apparently it's okay to be raped as long as you love the person raping you, or at least can live with them long enough to learn to love them.

And she has re Mothers do not let your daughters read this book! And she has relationships with all of them! Oh and if your spouse is abusive to you it's probably because you just don't love him enough.

So go ahead and stick around while he cheats and hits you because hey, it's not like you deserve any better. And whatever you do, never let go and move on from your past. Because it's just not possible to have a good future when you've had a crummy childhood. So go ahead and dwell on that for the rest of your life.

Seriously, it's awful. Just awful. View all 16 comments. Mar 30, Mizuki rated it really liked it Shelves: I made a V. Andrews' meme jpg last year! I'd just finished watching the Lifetime movie version of Petals on the Wind and I'm loving every moment of it despite the cheesiness and stuff.

And I need to say it again here: Although she is such a bitch to the children! Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on the novel! My thoughts after reading I finished reading the Chinese translation of this book yest Preview: My thoughts after reading I finished reading the Chinese translation of this book yesterday, as usually I rolled my eyes at the melodramas, the fact that everyone in the story is beautiful and every handsome guy in the story desires the heroine Cathy and the slut-shamming mostly done by the heroine , but the plot twists and the dramas really did me in!

As always I'm addicted to what Ms. Andrews had to offer. So, 4 stars. My review for Secrets of the Morning by the same author: View all 4 comments.

Jul 02, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: May 20, Chantal rated it really liked it. After Flowers in the attic, I couldn't stop myself from reading this book. I had to read it, never knew there was a part 2 and more. I liked it, but sometimes I was disappointed. I didn't like the endless sex scenes and sex hunkering. Not everything in life revolves around sex lol! The rest of the book was great and it had a good story.

I am glad I could read after so many years. So it will get 4 points. I can't wait to start part 3. View 2 comments. What I liked: He had his head on straight and he knew what he wanted in life, even if his sister was what he wanted. I had sympathy for him, and for Carrie later on, but not for Cathy. Her problems were the only ones I was concerned with throughout this entire book.

I could have cared less about Cathy. I wanted to read more about her younger sister. While Cath What I liked: While Cathy has mainly emotional and mental problems from their captivity and abuse, Carrie has all of that plus physical problems. She greatly disappointed me in this book.

She was driven to do insane non-logical things all in an attempt to get back at her mother. Nothing she does in this book she does for herself. Plus, Cathy just turned into a slut in this book. Sad but true. I don't care how many people someone has sex with, that doesn't make them a "slut".

But using sex as a kind of weapon, neglecting your children in favor of getting laid Cathy was the main reason I disliked this book so much. I almost put this book down several times, and it was a miracle I made it to the end. Overall, this book was pretty disappointing after such an amazing first book in the series. You know what? I love guilty pleasure, messed up all to hell and back books as much as the next girl.

Your mother locked you in an attic and now you're boning your brother? I'm in. Flowers in the Attic wasn't necessarily a good book, but it was interesting.

Things happened. People died. Unfortunate sex was had. I was entertained. I just finished Petals on the Wind and the only thing I can think is: I wasted days on this and nope. Cathy has to be the single most unbearable fictional cha You know what? Cathy has to be the single most unbearable fictional character I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

And I've read three books filled with Peeta Mellark so that's saying a lot. This book isn't about her scars from being locked up in the attic or how it's really ruined her life. It's about her banging as many horrible men as possible. Which, like, okay girl, do you. But if a guy tells you that he repeatedly raped his wife until she killed herself that's probably quite literally the last person you wanna hop into bed with.

You are better off nailing your brother at this point. Other than sleeping with everyone she possibly could, this entire book is just repetitions of one thing. Cathy curses her mother, stalks her through newspapers, does some ballet, acts like a total jackass, and then cries a lot. There's none of the drama and fascinating horror you feel in the first book.

Samantha Scicluna | ВКонтакте

There's nothing but a lot of racism and constant rape and Cathy making you hate her more than you ever thought possible. By the end, I wanted to lock the bitch in an attic myself. So yeah. Just go ahead and pass this one on by. View all 5 comments. May 14, Evie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Times Magazine called Petals on the Wind "an artfully twisted modern fairytale" and it's hard to disagree with that statement.

Dark, shocking and spellbinding, it's a fabulous tale of forbidden love, lust, abandonment, abuse and revenge - the last one being the leading theme of this volume of Dollanganger series. I won't even try to deny it, I'm completely addicted to this insane little saga! How exuberantly alive we should have felt to be freed, at las The Times Magazine called Petals on the Wind "an artfully twisted modern fairytale" and it's hard to disagree with that statement.

How exuberantly alive we should have felt to be freed, at last, from such a grim, lonely and stifling place. How pitifully delighted we should have been to be riding on a bus that rumbled slowly southward. But if we felt joy, we didn't show it.

We sat, all three, pale, silent, staring out the windows, very frightened by all we saw. Their freedom tastes bitter, though, as their lives have been irrevocably altered by the unspeakable cruelty and hatred with which they've been treated by their own family members. And that's not something you can just forgive and forget. Not something you can easily move away from We meet them again as they're travelling on a Florida-bound bus, determined to start afresh some place better.

Before they can get to Florida, though, Carrie falls very ill. Suffering from arsenic poisoning, she begins vomiting and eventually passes out, and the older siblings are forced to get off the bus and seek help for her. Luckily, a kind, mute maid comes to their aid, leading them to her employer, doctor Sheffield.

Paul Sheffield, a lonely year-old widower, takes them in and offers them shelter, education and parental guidance. His house becomes their new home and for the first time since being locked in the attic, they have a chance at a normal life.

As it turns out, though, you can take the kids out of the attic, but you can't take the attic out of the kids.. All three Dollanganger kids are plagued by the attic-inspired nightmares and they are struggling to move on.

Cathy is obsessed with revenge. Chris is obsessed with Cathy. And Carrie, poor little Carrie, is deformed, weak and broken inside. Can the "legacy of evil" and the long years of abuse ever be overcome? Or is there no going back after all that happened? The year was , and it was November.

I wanted everything, needed everything, and I was so terribly afraid I'd never in all my life find enough to make up for what I had already lost. I sat tense, ready to scream if one more bad thing happened.

Like a coiled fuse attached to a time bomb, I knew that sooner or later explode and bring down all those who lived in Foxworth Hall! How I adore thee, though you definitely give me the creeps. Cathy is such a fascinating, multi-layered character.

There is so much going on in her head and heart, she is definitely an interesting and entertaining character to follow, and I'm so glad that the Dollanganger books are written from her perspective. She might not be an easy heroine to like, moreover, it's quite possible her thoughts and actions will make you very, very disturbed, but hey, let's not kid ourselves, that is precisely why we reach for Andrews' books, am I right? All the juicy and gasp worthy scenes loaded with sexual tension, all the forbidden fruits served on a deliciously Gothic platter, all the shocking abuse, incest and other taboo topics Andrews so boldly explores in her novels We might gasp and shake our heads in pretend disgust, but we keep on reading anyway.

Because it's entertaining and we enjoy it! Who doesn't like a good guilty-pleasure read every now and then? Cathy is only a teenager she is 15 at the start of Petals but she is already striking, and she knows it.

And she uses her looks to her advantage. She plays the role of seductress. And she is so good at it, it's scary!

No one can resist her beauty and her various sexual encounters are testament to that. Her twisted personality does not inspire sympathy, though. She's calculating, overly dramatic and often acts very selfish. Her mood swings can be pretty tiring and she is seemingly incapable of ever taking responsibility for her own actions "It's all mother's fault! Forming healthy relationships is another thing Cathy is incapable of. From her sexual relationship with Paul who is more than twice her age, to the abusive relationship with the arrogant Julian, she often finds herself in situations no year-old girl should ever experience, let alone actively seek.

And yet, despite her wicked ways and twisted reasoning, she is utterly bewildering. Your blood runs fast when mine does! Your eyes burn when mine do - don't deny it! He still loves their mother, even after all the pain and suffering she has caused them, even despite the fact that she had tried to kill them all for money, and even though she is the main reason why Cory is dead. Both Cathy and Chris are obsessed with their mother, though for completely different reasons.

For Cathy it's revenge, for Chris unhealthy adoration and a bit of an Oedipus complex. One might wonder if his love and passion for Cathy does not steam - at least partly - from the fact that she is an almost mirror like reflection of their mother. The forbidden kisses and touches continue throughout the book, though Cathy seems determined to put an end to their "unnatural love" and force Chris to move on and find someone else.

He's one incredibly handsome young man, though, and it's not always easy to resist the temptation. Bound together by years of suffering in isolation, these two continue to struggle with their feelings and sexual urges.

It's a guilty-pleasure kind of read, but one that actually stays with you for quite some time after you put it down. Fast-paced and often times completely mind-blowing, it's a page-turner of a book, even if it's just a little bit ok, a lot!

The writing is exceptionally compelling and quite beautiful, the descriptions evocative and seductive and the characters - even the supporting cast - fleshed out just enough to make the story believable, and, therefore, very unsettling. And guys, that ending! So satisfying and worth waiting for! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am seriously dying for more! View all 3 comments. May 26, Trudy rated it really liked it.

My books are tattered and dog eared I couldn't put these books down when I was in high school. Read the whole series twice.

Which says alot at a time in most teenagers lives when they are repulsed by reading anything that isn't required by school. So, just when you think the kids are going to be all right - after escaping Grandmama's evil clutches - they go and find bigger and better ways to mess up their lives Chris is unshakable i My books are tattered and dog eared Chris is unshakable in his love and not the normal brotherly kind for his sister, Cathy.

Cathy is, however, unshakable in her need for revenge on her mother and grandmother. They are growing up, and while Chris and Carrie go away to school. Cathy stays at home with Dr. Paul the man who ends up taking them in and saving them. No good is to come of any of this A train wreck for sure, but you know human nature - we can't not watch it Odio la Actitud de Cathy en ciertas ocasiones que necesitaban un poco de madurez de su parte. Dec 18, Shalon Lippert rated it it was ok.

This book is deliciously awful. I hated every moment of the purple prose and outrageously absurd dialogue. The "love" scenes were disgusting and completely unsatisfying. Cathy's story reads like some twisted Mary Sue. And yet. I could not put it down. In the back of my mind, as I read on, I wanted to shake my fist at God for placing such a damnable book on earth!

How I hated Cathy, who harbored spite in her soul like some packrat hiding strings and bits of plastic trash and scraps of bread an This book is deliciously awful. How I hated Cathy, who harbored spite in her soul like some packrat hiding strings and bits of plastic trash and scraps of bread and greasy meat in her uber nest inside a dark, moist crawlspace.

And yet I loved her, yes, that I can admit to myself. In the deepest recesses of my mind I can admit that the sincerest hope of my innermost soul was to see Cathy learn to find and accept love, to cast aside the entanglements of self-interested men. To confront the horror of her life and choose the path in the sun!

I hungrily consumed page after page of the wretched, incestuous plot that she wove to exact revenge upon her cruel mother and grandmother. As the story went on, in my mind's eye I held Cathy before me and plead with her: Stop this at once! Don't you see? Don't you understand what your anger has turned you into? You made a daily meal of spite and anger and now it has utterly consumed you.

Poor Carrie, poor little Carrie only wanted to be loved -but you nursed your hatred for Corrine rather than your love for your sister who was also your daughter. Didn't you, you, naive and presumptuous woman-child!

I resolved never to read If There Be Thorns! As I turned page and wondered when I could finally stop this never ending spiral of tragedy and despair, I forced myself on. Yet I didn't have to force myself. The book forced itself on me. It insisted on telling me its story. It pressed it's body into the curve of my yielding frame. I felt its rigid hardness against the supple curve of my hip as I begged the brute to let me alone! But it insisted and suddenly it was on top of me, pressing to my lips, stealing my breath, calling me a tease for wanting to turn away after I had so brazenly and haughtily made my challenge known.

And just as I began to breathe a sigh of relief that this wriggling, hairy demon on top of me would finally give out, exhausted from its toils, I read the last two pages.

Damn you, God! Damn, damn, damn you I knew then that this monster had not finished with me. It would return to me again and again, having its way with me until the Dollanganger story was all told and the demon was satiated. Flowers in the Attic, the first in the Dollanganger series, was a guilty pleasure.

Petals on the Wind

It was a fun, deliciously wicked tale that kept me listening for hours at a time. I was expecting more of a dark, sordid tale from the next book in the series. Unfortunately, Petals on the Wind failed miserably. The plot line was insane. It felt like I was reading a bad version of a cheesy 80s daytime soap opera Cathy frustrated me to no end!!

She couldn't let go of her past. While others were moving on, all she could do was plot out her revenge. I just wanted to say to her that moving on and living your life to the fullest is revenge In addition to her crazy revenge scheming, she was a little too loose in this book.

She loved every man that a gave her a thread of attention, good or bad. I couldn't keep up with who she was in love with let alone sleeping with. So I gave up and decided to Wikki the rest of the book. Lets just say it was more of the same Cathy craziness. Too much of a guilty pleasure can be bad. View 1 comment. Dec 28, Librariann rated it liked it Shelves: Catherine Dahl is an efftard blessed with the brights of Becky Bloomwood, the vengefulness of a character in a Shakespearean tragedy, and the relationship savvy of Bella Swan.

How can I find it within myself to continue hating Twihards if I keep reading this dramaturd 1. How can I find it within myself to continue hating Twihards if I keep reading this dramaturd series?

One star for bookrape, three stars because, like good old Catherine, I somehow found a way to enjoy it Nov 03, Robin rated it liked it. I'm going to copy and paste this to all of them!!!! I feel like I have to justify this and all of the other V. Andrews books on my list!! I read these when I was young and loved them! My sister and I poured through them- they were obviously trashy for our age probably the appeal but mom let us read ANYTHING- as long as we were readung she was ok with it!

And that paied off- because both my sister and I still read for pleasure daily. You can't beat it! Hey- and why be a book snob???

Petals on the Wind epub

Siblings released from attic. Continue to shag. Reacquainted with donuts. Mar 11, Dorothea rated it did not like it. This is the first sequel to Flowers in the Attic , and I didn't find it quite as compelling. This is probably because it's less single-minded than the original story. Flowers in the Attic is more unified, more like an Aristotelian drama: Now the "flowers" are out of the attic and so the second This is the first sequel to Flowers in the Attic , and I didn't find it quite as compelling.

Now the "flowers" are out of the attic and so the second narrative is less contained. Often it attempts to collect itself by having Cathy, the narrator, recall the horror of the attic, but since she is outside and in no danger of returning, she just sounds obsessed.

Petals on the Wind is really the story of Cathy's obsession. At first, her dwelling on the attic experiences seems a normal response to trauma, but her way of dealing with the trauma is to refuse to contemplate moving on -- instead she makes her entire life about revenge. She'll pursue her own goal of becoming a famous ballerina so that her mother can see she has succeeded despite the attic. She'll become beautiful in order to mock her mother with a younger mirror of herself.

The other siblings also fail to recover: Chris mostly succeeds in forgiving their mother, but continues his obsession with Cathy. And Carrie's self-esteem is destroyed this is made much worse by Cathy's failure to recognize Carrie as an observing, intelligent person rather than a victim, or to consider the effect of Cathy's actions on Carrie. Flowers in the Attic is about the effect of two bad women Cathy's mother and grandmother on the sibling victims.

Petals on the Wind is about how Cathy, surrounded by bad and irresponsible men, reclaims her agency by becoming a worse and worse person herself. This is my interpretation -- I think we're supposed to like some of the men, but let's review: He's Cathy's faithful brother who knows her better than anyone else because of their time in the attic, but he's more obsessed with her than she is with him.

She keeps telling him to find a girlfriend although she knows she would feel jealous if he did , but he insists that she can't love anyone but him. It's clear from the moment he takes in the siblings when he's nearly 40 and Cathy is 14 that he finds Cathy sexually attractive. Cathy loves him, but is also convinced that sex with him is a good way to repay him for his generosity, and while he denies this with words, he doesn't hold out long against Cathy's attempt to seduce him.

She's also his legal ward at the time. When they later marry, there's no acknowledgement that this might be legally difficult. Andrews is clearly taking the "it's not rape because the underage girl initiated it" stance, which, ugh.

Paul could have sent her off to boarding school like her siblings, but that would mean that there'd be a major male character whom Cathy doesn't have a sexual relationship with, and that would never do Cathy's dancing partner and first husband, who at least is around her age. He's extremely controlling and verbally and physically abusive to her even before she agrees to marry him.

He is emotionally volatile, addicted to alcohol, and if that weren't enough, it transpires that he's also a pedophile who assaults Carrie. Cathy disapproves of his actions towards little girls, but apparently does nothing to protect anyone from Julian.